Joshua K. Leon is an assistant professor of Political Science and International Studies at Iona College. He has also taught at Villanova, Temple and Drexel Universities.

He has recently written for venues including Dissent, Metropolis, Peace Review, The China Beat, Cities, Brooklyn Rail, Monthly Review, Asia Times and Cambridge Review of International Affairs. He is a frequent contributor to Dissent, Foreign Policy In Focus and Metropolis, and was author of the “World Watch” column for Next City from 2008-2011. In 2010, he covered the Shanghai World Expo for Next City magazine and Foreign Policy In Focus.

A doctorate in Political Science, he writes on development, poverty, global health, and urbanization. His forthcoming book is called The Rise of Global Health (SUNY Press). He lives in Manhattan.


Faculty website:


“Why is the World Bank Financing Forced Evictions?” Peace Review (Forthcoming 2014).

“Beyond the ‘World of 70′: Inequality and the 2030 Development Goals,” Dissent (December 17, 2013).

“Who Really Benefits from Central Park?” Metropolis (December 6, 2013).

“Destroying the City to Save It: New York in the Shadow of Le Corbusier,” Dissent (September 12, 2013).

“Street,” The Brooklyn Rail (July/August 2013).

“Redesigning Resistance,” The Brooklyn Rail (April 2013).

“Make Way for High Rises: Who Benefits From Slum Demolitions in Mumbai?” Dissent (March 13, 2013).

“Health Care Reform, Year Zero,” Z Magazine (November 2012).

“Vertical Impressions,” Metropolis (August 5, 2012).

“Spaces of Capital,” Brooklyn Rail (May 2012).

“Elegantly Urbanized” Metropolis (November 17, 2011).

“Radical Spaces,” Metropolis (October 14, 2011).

“Confronting Catastrophe: Norms, Efficiency and the Evolution of the AIDS Battle in the UN.” Cambridge Review of International Affairs 24 (3) September 2011.

“One City, Two Visions,” Metropolis (August 30, 2011).

“Perspectives on Chinese Urbanization.” Review of Shanghai Rising, edited by Xiangming Chen; The Concrete Dragon by Thomas J. Campanella, and The Great Urban Transformation by You Tien-Hsing. Cities 28 (3) June 2011. A shorter version appears at The China Beat, see below. 

“Perspectives on Chinese Urbanization,” The China Beat (May 12, 2011).

“Shanghai’s Expo Vision,” Foreign Policy in Focus (July 16, 2010).

“Facts About Iraq: Five Arguments for the Anti-War Movement,” Z-Magazine (February 2005).


“Poverty Capitalism: Interview With Ananya Roy,” Foreign Policy in Focus (February 17, 2011).

Photo Journals

“Postcard From…Mumbai,” Foreign Policy in Focus (April 18, 2013). This article also appears in the Asia Times.

“Reimagining Mexico City,” Next City (July 26, 2011).

“Postcard From…Shanghai,” Foreign Policy in Focus (December 3, 2010).

“City of Contrasts: A Slideshow From Shanghai,” Next City (July 30, 2010).

Selected Next City Columns

“Here Comes the World Expo,” Next City (March 29, 2010).

“Putting Our Best Facade Forward,” Next City (March 29, 2010).

“Vancouver’s Crackdown,” Next City (December 22, 2009).

“A Recipe for Slums,” Next City (November 19, 2009).

“De-industrialization is not Progress,” Next City (September 8, 2009).

“Should We Abandon the Uncreative Class?” Next City (May 19, 2009).

“City People Vs. ‘Real Americans’: A False Dichotomy?” Next City (September 22, 2008).


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