The Rise of Global Health: The Evolution of Effective Collective Action (Albany: SUNY Press, 2016).

Manuscripts in progress:

World Cities in History: Power and Statecraft in City Life From Uruk to Amsterdam. Manuscript in progress. 140,000 words. Under review at a university press.

New York 1860: City on a Precipice. Received fellowship and grant at the New-York Historical Society for 2022-23. Under contract with Columbia University Press.

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In the News

Urban History, noteworthy articles for the year.

Westchester News 12, on Biden’s COVID-19 vaccination mandates

Caves of Altamira podcast: “A City Way To Live: Digging Into Humanity’s Urbanization,” with Kevin M. Hockmuth (Akita Int’l University) and Jeffrey N. Carroll (Chestnut Hill College).

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